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Facts about U.S. Dive Travel Network
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At U.S. Dive Travel we operate on a need-to-know basis. Now here is what we mean by that, amigos del mar. You need to know as much as possible about our personnel, our packages & our policies before you make a well-informed decision about any dive vacation you purchase. We need to respect the fact you're considering the expenditure of a hefty chunk o' change, for a scuba diving vacation or snorkeling vacation that is vitally important to you. Maybe a honeymoon, maybe an anniversary, or a week out with some old college buddies. Your trips and dreams matter to us in a big way, and we pledge to get the details perfect for you. That's why we want to make it easy for you, too. Also relaxing, enjoyable, & user-friendly as possible, whenever you phone us for advice.

1. OPEN LETTER to ALL CLIENTS:   To read a letter from U.S. Dive Travel owners Susan & John Hessburg to our clients, which details the company structure, history, philosophy of business & full range of tropical vacation services, just click on the hotlink here.

2. ADVENTURE PROFILE:   For a summary of adventure travel experience, you can read the expedition/destination dossier of U.S. Dive Travel founder & senior partner, John Hessburg. Please click on the hotlink here.

3. BUSINESS PROFILE  /  PROFESSIONAL HISTORY via  LINKED-in:   For a resume' of Mr. Hessburg's professional experience since the 1980s, please click on the hotlink here.

4. HERE'S our NEW  YouTube  CHANNEL:   For fun new vids of the spectacular Dunbar Villa, a coveted getaway on Guanaja Island, please click on the hotlink here.

5. HERE'S our NEW  GOOGLE+  PAGE:   All snorkelers, scuba divers & beach baskers -- plus dive industry pros, retail travel pros, resort & yacht owners -- are warmly welcome to join our Tropical Travel Tribe today! To visit our Google+ hub, please click on the hotlink here.

6. Our hot new LIT-BLOGS  The DICTION AERIE  Journal:   To celebrate our 25th Anniversary of U.S. Dive Travel Network, spot on the birthday March 31, 2016, we launched our 9 new blogs, many with colorful high-adventure themes. Take a ride on the Wild Side, amigos, & you'll find short stories, essays, poems, new song lyrics, a full-length play & a non-fiction novella (short novel).

7. HOW the 1989 U.S. EXPEDITION to BOLIVIA (get this) ACTUALLY JUMP-STARTED U.S. DIVE TRAVEL !   In May & June of 1989, John Hessburg led the U.S. Expedition to the Bolivian Andes, specifically to remote eastern flanks of the Cordillera Real, then one of the least-explored sectors left in South America. Here is the actual spark that ignited it all, the key adventure by which U.S. Dive Travel was conceived. This is a fond look back at a life-changing expedition, 24 years later.

8. WALKIN' on the WILD SIDE of WASHINGTON:   In 10 systematic treks over 18 years, from 1979 to 1997, USDT's John Hessburg kept at the goal of hiking all 60 miles of Washington State's Wilderness Pacific Coast. Running from the Waatch River south to Ruby Beach, this magnificent coastline is an American treasure, & the longest stretch of virgin shores anywhere in the Lower 48 States. Due to heinous bushwhacks & some dangerous cliff climbs over headlands, only a handful of adventurers ever have hiked all 60 miles. A hale & hearty friend of 30+ years, Robert "Bonz" Shaw joined several of these epic hikes, the humor & living color of which catalyzed the early years of U.S. Dive Travel.

9. WHY WE MOVED our NETWORK H.Q. to MN:   In June 1999, Susan Hessburg & John moved our company's HQ from it's original Seattle base to suburban Mpls/St.Paul, MN -- the best possible plan for clients & owners alike. Here you can read the Where, Why & How of this successful transplant of our network's nerve center. There is life after Pike Place Market -- & no 4-month rainfalls in the Twin Cities, either ! (Except the Mosquito is our State Bird now.)

Phone U.S. DIVE TRAVEL's Reservations Office
in St. Paul, MN: 952-953-4124.

E-Mail Address: divetrip@bitstream.net

Internet Address: www.usdivetravel.com

Complete pro bios of U.S. Dive Travel owners, Susan Hessburg + John Hessburg.
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